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Clermont-Ferrand Short Films @ Rooftop Films

Friday, July 13th, 2012 by

We love us some Rooftop Films, and tonight’s program features a host of odd, strange, and wildly entertaining shorts that we’re sure will only look better on a rooftop!  


WE’LL BECOME OIL (Mihai Grecu | Romania | 8 min.)
Dry landscapes are filled with the traces of meta-conflict, beyond any visible political or ideological issues. An unexplainable state of crisis takes over.

IL CAPO (Yuri Ancarani | Italy | 15 min.)
In the marble quarries of the Italian Alps, men and machines dig the mountain. The Chief manages, coordinates and guides quarrymen and heavy-duty machines using a language consisting solely of gestures and signs.

HEAVY HEADS (Helena Frank | 8 min.)
Monika is attempting to seduce a housefly when a sad stranger suddenly surprises her by entering through the wrong door. A minimalistic black comedy about loneliness and solitude.

THE PUB (Joseph Pierce | 7 min.)
A day of afternoon drinking can make anyone seem as ghoulish as the patrons in this darkly comic animation about a typically odd community

CHOROS (Michael Langan | USA | 13 min.)
A chorus of women emerge from the movements of a single dancer in this dreamlike pas de trente-deux.

BURT TALKS TO THE BEES (Isabella Rossellini | USA | 2 min.)
Meet the bees—the queen, the workers and the drones—in this wonderfully fantastic and wildly educational series of short films created by Isabella Rossellini, actress, director and uncanny Burt impersonator. Once you meet them, you’ll want to save them too. Visit www.wildforbees.com to see how.


“Clearly these guys have thought about their music. Even the tex­ture of their sound is metic­u­lously crafted. Though you might call the music lo-fi, this is really a mis­nomer: lo-fi implies some degra­da­tion of sound qual­ity, whereas these guys delib­er­ately morph their sound to their own tastes. It takes a lit­tle get­ting used to, but the warmth con­veyed on “The Pret­ti­est Song in the World” has a lot to do with the tex­ture they cre­ate, which sounds like an exag­ger­ated ver­sion of the sound you get from vinyl.” -Ampeater

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