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Kilian Martin, Concrete Circus, and Creativity

Monday, August 27th, 2012 by

With our recent release of Mike Christie’s “Concrete Circus”, the beautifully orchestrated sports documentary following the journey of gifted athletes and their filmmakers to create a masterpiece on film, we find ourselves increasingly more interested in the nature of extreme sports and how they reach the masses and move them to act and play. Recently, a film created by Kilian Martin (featured in Concrete Circus along with his filmmaker Brett Novak) some time ago again went viral throughout the web and brings to light the simple truth: amazement breeds interest.

If it is amazing, unique, tangible but difficult the masses will tune in if only to set out and prove that they can best the best efforts of their muse/muses. Enjoy this video and consider this:

To be creative you have to contribute something different from what you’ve done before. Your results need not be original to the world; few results truly meet that criterion. In fact, most results are built on the work of others.

— Lynne C. Levesque
Breakthrough Creativity

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