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Thrillist: Gen Art’s Open Bar Indie Movie Week

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 by

From the arduous roadtrip through Deliverance-esque country, to the even more arduous trip that starts 5min after you arrive, summer festivals kind of suck. For an NYC-bound film festival that’ll melt your brain with culture, opt instead for one of these discount passes to Gen Art, the 17th-annual cinem-accanal that’s posting up at the School for Visual Arts Theatre from August 8th-14th. Choose either:

7 Films + 14 open bars ($120): Down from $150, this all-access pass unlocks an open bar prior to each of the week’s 7 screenings, showcasing 7 shorts & 7 full-length features that boast Official Selection & Winner creds at film festivals like Nashville, Boston, DOCU & Cinetopia. To inspire you to babble intelligently about “the Bechdel Test” and “the chatty hot broad in that movie I just watched”, after each show you’ll hit afterparties at the likes of The Thompson LES & others for more parties, thus ensuring that you have the best week ever.

Opening film + open bar on 6/8 ($25): Kick off the fest at Wednesday night’s screening, featuring the full-length Missed Connections and the acclaimed short Old Man, documenting the never-before-heard over-the-phone ramblings of Charles Manson. Of course, you’re also invited to the pre- and post- parties, where things are bound to get a little Helter Skelter.

To learn more about this event and how to redeem the deal head over to Thrillist.

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Unlimited Indie Films - 1 Month FREE Trial