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Animation Evolution @ Moviehouse!

Friday, August 10th, 2012 by

Moviehouse’s Animation Evolution series will feature quite the diverse lineup of animation as it showcases the changing tides of the medium.  The series takes place at Sternberg Park on August 13, 2012 at 8 PM.  Below are some of the films featured, visit the event webpage for the full list of films:

Fishtank Fantasy by Alison Chin

Fish Tank Fantasy is a light hearted stop motion animation about a fish frustrated with his current life in the bowl. An epiphany he has, which results from his own interpretation of a famous inspirational philosophy, leads him to a place he hopes will bring him more happiness.

SEED by Ben Richardson & Daniel Bird

An egg and an apple build competing broadcast towers that vie for the attention of a transistor radio. With its complex characterization and narrative of animal evolution, competition and reproduction, SEED is a beautiful and sinister stop-motion story about the struggle to survive.

Old Derick by James Kwan

An old man-thing tries to take on the city.

About Sternberg Park:

This park honors Frances Hamburger Sternberg (1920-1990), a New York native and active Brooklyn community member who contributed extensively to the social and political life of the Greenpoint and Williamsburg neighborhoods. Her life of philanthropy included chairing the Friends of Lindsay Park (this park’s previous name) Committee.

About Moviehouse:

Moviehouse is an interactive screening series featuring film and video work by the city’s most intrepid moviemakers and performance artists. We project a curated show on alternative spaces throughout the city. At each screening we invite our audience into a salon-style dialogue among filmmakers, audience members and the wider community.

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