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“Sombras De Azul” & “Searching for Sonny” @ TIFN

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 by

 The Texas Independent Film Network (TIFN) is a statewide coalition of film societies, universities and independent theaters united for the purpose of screening Texas independent film.

TIFN takes a different Texas-made independent feature film on a circuit across the state each month, stopping in small towns, population centers, museums and college campuses. Our screening partners are in small communities like Bastrop or Llano, large cities like Houston or Dallas, as well as respected universities like Texas A&M, UTEP, Texas State and Baylor. Our venues include everything from historic theaters on the square (Llano Lantex, Abilene Paramount) to internationally recognized museums (Fort Worth Modern, Houston MFA), as well as theatrical chains like Santikos Theaters and the Alamo Drafthouse.

In every town TIFN visits, we partner with the most respected film organizations to help get the word out and attract audiences. Just a few examples include the Lone Star Film Society, Southwest Altnernate Media Project, Corpus Christi Film Society, Austin Film Society, Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center and the Video Association of Dallas. Our partners also help guide decisions on which films TIFN takes on tour.

The TIFN features a range of film programming throughout the month of September, including Sombras De Azul and Searching for Sonny.

Sombras De Azul | Director: Kelly Daniela Norris

In the wake of her brother’s suicide, Maribel, a young Mexican woman, travels to the place he’d always dreamed of going – Cuba. On the streets of Havana, she attempts to escape her grief, but the city’s rhythms and strangers just serve to trigger memories of him.

Only when she bonds with Eusebio – a petty thief and skilled woodcraftsman – does she begin to face her demons, and must decide whether to open herself up to love and loss once again. Blending travelogue, narrative, and real memory, SOMBRAS DE AZUL is a cinematic elegy to the director’s own brother.

Searching for Sonny | Director: Andrew Disney

When directionless twenty-something Elliot Knight attends his 10-year reunion in Texas, a complex murder mystery leads his crew of high school pals on a mission to find their missing friend, Sonny. Elliot enlists the help of his fraternal twin Calvin, a pot-smoking barista, his timorous former classmate Gary Noble, and his high school sweetheart Eden Mercer.

While digging up a forgotten time capsule, the friends discover the body of Eden’s husband, and find themselves the chief suspects in his murder. The mystery turns meta when the three bumbling friends discover that everything happening seems eerily similar to a play they performed in high school — a play Sonny wrote. Deception leads to problems, and it soon seems that shady businessmen and school officials are involved in a complex scheme of money and murder.

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