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Breath of Fresh Budget

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 by

Just when we started losing hope for Hollywood with all its trimmings and over-the-top nature, Ed Burns gives us hope for the big budget craze finding a few good men to regress its viral nature.

The film “Newlyweds” was shot by Burns for around 9k, apparently allocating just 5k for actors and 2k for insurance and food. This is not to say that Hollywood will suddenly take a turn for the budget savvy, but its nice to see a gesture that shows the growing availability of filmmaking techniques (for those who wish to explore them).

Newlyweds is set to hit theaters January 2012 (according to CNN) and will give us a nice glimpse at where we can go with the indie appeal in the future. With the economy on a slow uprising and the prospect of indie films turning a profit looking its bleakest in years, hopefully more filmmakers follow Burns’ model to sustain their passion along with their livelihoods.

You can read the full synopsis of the short film on the Tribeca Film Festival website here.

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