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Creative England Spreads Its Wings

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 by

Creative England, the company slated to replace other means of funding for Independent filmmaking in and outside of London, has begun to spread its wings and truly create a presence in the indie world.

The British Independent Film Award winner Weekend expressed how significant a role Creative England played in its creation, which showcases just the beginning of what this company has set out to accomplish. Here is a mission statement from the temporary website of Creative England:

Creative England opened for business on 1 October 2011, with the core purpose of supporting the sustainable growth of independent creative businesses, and the talent that feeds them, in every part of England outside London.

This new organization builds on the work of the Regional Screen Agencies that, for the past ten years, have assisted the development of the film, TV, interactive, games and digital media industries, and the growth of film culture in England.

One of our first objectives is to establish a new infrastructure for film in the English regions, to ensure continuity and lay the foundations for the development and sustainability of a vibrant film and moving image culture outside London.

The company also plans to support the creation of games and television as well, making it the first company to provide all inclusive support of indie endeavors. With film specifically, the company offers allowances to individual screenwriters as well as screenwriter/director and director/producer. They have expressed their interest in supporting any and all organization that work toward the advancement of creative initiatives.

Check out their website here (again, a temporary website) to stay updated on their progress.

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