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Donate the Somaly Mam inspired Cinequest feature “Life is Love”

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 by

This heartfelt letter from co-founder and Director of Cinequest Halfdan tells the tale of Somaly Mam and how she inspired a cause.  If you are so inclined, donate to Cinequest for this project by following this link to the original article and choose your donation level. 

Please join us on an empowering journey to transform and heal lives affected by human trafficking and to help abolish modern slavery. Please scroll down or click here for donor benefits. 

Arguably the world’s most impactful leader in the movement to free and transform girls from the ravishes of human trafficking, Somaly Mam, a survivor and empowered inspiration, signs her books: “Life Is Love.” When Cinequest Picture the Possibilities learned of Somaly Mam’s powerful work, Cinequest knew we must give voice to the young girls with whom Somaly is working to further heal and to free and help other young women around the globe. Thus, Cinequest will create a powerful feature film that will connect the vision of a world free of trafficking to leaders who can make a difference as well as connecting the power of love as a tool that can literally heal all. 

Somaly Mam is recognized as one of the 100 most influential women in the world today. Her life story, her untiring devotion to her Voices of Change girls, and the nobility of her quest cry out for a dynamic cinematic interpretation. In August, Cinequest PTP and a team of leading filmmakers will arrive in Cambodia to capture Somaly’s story, through her own words, as well as through the eyes and voices of the young teens whose lives she is helping to heal. 

This feature-length documentary, entitled “Life is Love,” will heighten awareness of the sex trafficking global pandemic, as well as depict how it can be defeated. The film will also explore how Somaly’s efforts have resurrected the lives of those who have been damaged by sex trafficking. The dramatic irony that drives “Life Is Love” is the irony of love’s total absence in the sex trafficking world compared with the power of real love to transform and heal the victims’ wounds and scars. Beyond the force of the visual experience of the film, “Life Is Love” will serve to incite influential leaders to take steps toward legislation and enforcement that we hope will put an end to this abominable practice and change the lives of its innocent prey. 

My partners and I have decided to donate our time, expertise and experience to create a major feature film as a gift to Somaly, her girls and youth who can be rescued from future slavery. This includes fundraising and any other support deemed necessary. I fervently hope you’ll join us in these steps to change lives through a PTP contribution toward the “Life Is Love” documentary. Your generous donation will help subsidize the direct costs of bringing Somaly Mam and her girls’ story to thousands of people through the universal language of film and will play a key role in heightening global awareness and action. For with awareness and populist support, leaders who can effect change across the globe will have the information, tools and motivation to put an end to the suffering of so many girls and young women who are caught in this web of cruelty. I ask for your help in making this transformational vision a reality. 

Please scroll down to donate and learn more about the benefits associated with the various levels of participation. 

Warmly and gratefully, 


Halfdan (hallf’ dun) Hussey
Co-founder and Director

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