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GroupOn savings are coming to IndiePix!

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 by

GroupOn deals are coming to IndiePix Films! IndiePix Films has been, and always will be, dedicated to being truly independent and bringing you the best in independent film. Now, we bring you the best for less!

If you live in or near any of the cities listed below, you can take advantage of these deals! Each city enjoys a different deal, but both offer BIG savings! Enjoy independent film more than ever with GroupOn and IndiePix Films!

Participating cities are listed below. Each city has received a deal for either IndiePix Films DVDs, On Demand, and Download or our IndiePix Unlimited streaming service.  If you like these deals, please let us know by commenting blow (or by using the deal!) and we will continue to work with great services like GroupOn and others around the globe to bring everyone the gift of independent film!  Please view our FAQ to learn more about how to apply these great deals to your purchase of even greater independent films!

Participating cities for IndiePix Films DVD, On Demand, and Download deals include:

Seattle, Washington
Austin, Texas
Los Angeles, California

Participating cities for IndiePix Unlimited streaming service deals include:
Kingston, Belleville
Eugene, Oregon
Denver, Colorado
Kelowna, BC, Canada

[Update]: IndiePix Unlimited deals are live now!  Search any of the participating GroupOn sites listed above to get started.  Be the first to get great savings on our spectacular independent film streaming service! 

[Update]: IndiePix Films deals are still running.  Don’t miss your chance to save on the great films in our collection!

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Unlimited Indie Films - 1 Month FREE Trial