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Help box[ur]shorts Film Festival

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 by

Box Your Shorts Film Festival (where they LITERALLY box your shorts) needs help to make sure that the festival gets off without a hitch. They have a head start but only 37 days to raise their target $5000 to cover the expenses involved with their awards night.

No contribution is too small, and the festival offers great perks to any and all sponsorship packages (even just $10 gets you a ticket to the exclusive event).

box[ur]shorts™ Film Festival was conceived in 2005 after Giacun Caduff presented the idea of screening movies in jukeboxes to collaborator Ryan Reichenfeld. The two met a few months earlier at a reality TV show and decided to start a short film festival where filmmakers get a lot more exposure than at other short film presentations. “box your shorts!” – box[ur]shorts™ will put short films literally in a box. At Giacun’s apartment in Los Angeles, they constructed the prototype box that would later find its first home at Catch 22 Café in West LA.

To read the full history of this festival visit their festival history webpage here. Otherwise, head over to their IndieGoGo page to make a contribution toward making this festival great!

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