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Hillis a’GoGo to save Video Free Brooklyn

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 by

With websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, which both claim to be the world’s largest funding platform, jumpstarting a personal project has been made as easy as clicking a button: so long as others click that button as well. Instead of dealing with pesky bank loans and other financial nightmares, the power of investment has been placed in the fingers of the average computer owner. This has made recent ventures for people like Aaron Hillis, brand new owner of Cobble Hill gem Video Free Brooklyn, and Joshua Sanchez, writer-director of “Four”, a successful reality.

Aaron Hillis, freelance film critic and curator for ReRun recently purchased the death-sentenced Video Free Brooklyn, a local video rental store in the heart of a diverse and eccentric shopping Brooklyn district. The store which is in need of serious repairs and advancements in order to see a substantial amount of flourishing from the 345 foot store. Enter Indiegogo, allowing Hillis to reach out to the public in the hopes of raising $50,000 for these renovations. After nearly two days the site has already reached over $3,000 and there are still 51 days left to reach the lofty goal. Of course, each donation is met with a gift ranging from free rentals to an invitation to the VFB premiere party.

For more information on contributing to Video Free Brooklyn check out their page.

A year ago Columbia University MFA graduate Joshua Sanchez used Kickstarter to fund his feature debut “Four”. After surpassing the $8,000 goal, “Four” is now slated to have its world premiere at the LA Film Festival on June 15. But, funding doesn’t end after the film the made. Sanchez is now working to raise $5,000 in order to send the film to festivals around the world in the hopes of showcasing his psychologically complex story.

“Four” tells the story of a father and daughter trapped in loneliness who both reach out for sexual connection on a Fourth of July night. The film which is based on a play by Christopher Shinn, was recently placed on the LA Film Festival “Don’t Miss List.” With less than $3,000 to go before they meet their goal, it seems as if this controversial film about race and sexuality will get the attention it’s been striving for.

For more information on contributing to “Four” visit their Kickstarter and to read more about Joshua Sanchez and Four check out these links:


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