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Indie Films and Mainstream Marketing

Monday, November 14th, 2011 by

Marketing independent film for the mass public is at the forefront of not only the business of IndiePix, but distributors everywhere who must conquer the complex formula of indie profit.

Independent Films are tailor made, in most cases, to play against the mainstream marketing techniques which overly stimulate audiences into spending their money. The reward in mainstream is that over stimulation is then delivered whereas in indie you receive more substance (such is the case in “Drive”). The issue raised in a compelling article by Anthony Kaufman of IndieWire is where companies draw the line in “misleading” marketing.

On the one hand, you must market what you consider an appealing look at the entirety of a film. Whether with a trailer, a poster or a cast list, you receive little to no real estate to convey all the inspirations of the film that led to the belief that it should be seen. Thus you’re left with the conundrum, when do you play the mainstream game?

You can check out the article here, and weigh in on how you feel about the techniques companies use to market independent films in order that they return on the investments made by the production team.

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Unlimited Indie Films - 1 Month FREE Trial