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Smith’s “Spoilers” Raising Eyebrows, Will It Work?

Thursday, May 24th, 2012 by

Hulu has taken to the skies the concept of internet TV and has begun creating an empire that debunks the notion that digital media is simply a “fad” that has always been doomed to take in too much and give out too little.

Instead, Hulu has conquered the mainstream and now looks to diversify its offerings with original series that you can only get through its platform. Among them is a new show geared toward casting a light on the flaws and mystique of movie criticism and movie reviewers. At the epicenter of this conflict, and yes at this point it’s very clear that this show has a bone to pick with movie critics, is Kevin Smith who has been loudly (see “irony” under adjective “Silent Bob”) and frequently over the past few weeks been voicing his opinions on how far movie critics have fallen from the graces of the people Smith used to admire: movie lovers.

The idea of this show, called Spoilers, is interesting for a few reasons. One, it is from the perspective of Kevin Smith who is responsible for such characters as Jay and Silent Bob and such movies as Clerks which makes us all wonder exactly how this type of cinephile views other movies (especially Hollywood blockbusters that, lets face it, tend to phone it in most of the time). Two, the show itself is being propped up by the untested medium of original online television which up until now hasn’t reached full potential. And, last but not least, the show is completely dedicated to movies and how they make people feel rather than how they make them analyze (much like critics tend to do, and quite harshly sometimes).

All in all it should be worth a few watches if not only to see exactly how Smith’s original vision materializes into the constraints of television and the reaction from critics. Keep a weather eye on the horizon for Spoilers, launching June 4th!

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