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CJFF Blog: Filmmakers You Should Know!

Thursday, July 26th, 2012 by

It’s the list that independent filmmakers aspire to be on, it’s the list that gets it right time and time again, it’s the list we anticipate with baited breath. Yes, the list has just been revealed. What is it, you might ask? It’s the list of names on the “25 New Faces of Independent Film” that is published by Filmmaker Magazine every July. If you work in independent film, this has been a trusted list that shines a light on people really doing exceptional work and names that you are sure to see in the future. You can trust this list. In fact, I started thinking about it and this is probably the only list of names I don’t get a little ticked off when I read because I’m mad they left out so-and-so. And it’s also the only list that seems to know, and for a long time has known, that women do a lot of very interesting things in film and deserved to be recognized for it. It’s the only list that seems to acknowledge that women make up half the world (a little over half actually) and it’s nice to see 13 female names on the list of 25 people. These are the statistics we should see more often.

So take the time to read about all the people shaking up the film scene right now, men and women. Two of the filmmakers are Citizen Jane alumna, our very own Kim Shermanwho has made Columbia, Missouri a much more vibrant place for independent film, and also the amazing Penny Lane who makes films that defy easy one-liners in blogs like this but you need to see and experience them for yourself. Congrats 25!! And congrats to Filmmaker Magazine for being journalists who get it right.

For more information on the Citizen Jane Film Festival visit their festival webpage, and for more news visit their blog.

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