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A First Class Doc: Support It!

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012 by

Kickstarter is a great resource for filmmakers with worthy causes to find those who, too, feel they are worthy. Generally, posting about a Kickstarter project is met with a burgeoning amount of reasons why to support it: not so here.

The organic necessity of documentaries like “Second Class Citizens,” if it should be named that, give it that fortuitous nature of needing nothing more than the time of day to sit through its trailer. The challenge after this is less than trying to decide how much to donate, because it is impossible to not agree that this documentary in full length will be a winner in every sense of the term.

Here is the trailer for “Second Class Citizens,” proposed documentary by Ryan James Yezak of Los Angeles, CA whom himself is a powerful advocate for the cause of this film apart from desiring to be its director:

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