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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 by

Terms and Conditions May Apply is a new documentary film by Cullen Hoback and released to theaters in the last couple of weeks by Variance Films. The film has won recognition at SLAMDANCE and Newport Beach International Film Festival — and we became aware of the film there. With it’s theatrical release, more attention has been focused on the title — Rotten Tomatoes says 71 percent of the audience liked it; 86 percent of the reviewers gave it a tasty tomato, and NPR, in their on-air and on-line review said:

Each shared selfie, each sepia-toned short video, each oh-so-clever
status update, under these Terms and Conditions, is an opt-in that
involves a certain measure of surrender — to a new status quo we’ve
been astonishingly willing to (click) accept.

Our submissions director and catalog manager came back from the opening at the Quad Cinema in NYC and said “scary”. This film is in limited release right now — but it’s worth seeing if you can. (Click here for Fandango show times and tickets!) And watch for it here when the DVD is available.

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