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50% OFF: Own Venditti’s Award Winning “Billy The Kid” Today!

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012 by

For one week only we’re offering Jennifer Venditti’s award winning Billy The Kid for a whopping 50% OFF! That’s right, this documentary which won international acclaim including Best Documentary at Edinburgh and Melbourne International Film Festival, as well as Jury prizes at Los Angeles and SXSW Film Festival can be yours to enjoy over and over again for half the cost!

Just enter the code HALFOFFBILLY at checkout and you’re on your way to adding a fantastic doc to your collection!  To view the trailer and place your order visit the film page.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the film:

15-year-old Billy is the unique subject of Billy The Kid, an intimate verite portrait by Jennifer Venditti. Venditti stumbled upon Billy while casting Carter Smith’s BugCrush. Intrigued by his eccentric wisdom and intuitive, pop-infused quips, Venditti traveled to Maine to capture moments from the precocious teen’s everyday life.

In the days that followed, Billy revealed himself to be an outsider who refused to be victimized by his differences. Unfazed by the wireless microphone that he faithfully wore each day, Billy allowed Venditti and DP, Donald Cumming, to follow him to school and witness taunting from bullies, hear quips from the local color on Main Street, and observe heart to hearts with his mother.

Billy The Kid is the coming of age journey of a teen outsider who meets obstacles with courage and determination. His outlook on life is shaped by his differences, and he struggles to embrace them. The film challenges viewers to look beyond labels and contemplate the future of a teen still in the process of becoming.

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