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Help Camp Butchinson reach its goal!

Thursday, August 9th, 2012 by

We came across a compelling Indiegogo project that is in its final hours but needs a bit of help to be completely funded.  The LGBT conversation has begun going strong over the past few years, and films like this are a testament to the ongoing push for tolerance both within and outside of the LGBT communities.  Below is a letter from the aspiring filmmaker of the film Camp Butchinson Lauren Soldano, check it out and help this film reach its goal!

Hello!  My name is Lauren and I am a queer/genderqueer writer and filmmaker living in Oakland.  I left my midwestern life of Waffle House waitressing behind a few years ago to finish school here in the Bay, where I quickly realized my life’s calling was to make videos showcasing upapologetic displays of queerness, bitchiness, and true love(s) in a magic kind of way, not a one-true-love and then “The End” kind of way. 

I work writing and making videos usually for other people (other great people and organizations, might I add) but feel the time is right for me to finally bring to fruition a project that has been a gleam in my eye for quite some time now. This is going to be a collaborative project from the get-go, as my “butch” vantage point is just a puny one in the grand scheme of identity/gender presentation/etc. I will be casting actors who have ever felt like they were “just not butch enough” or who have felt there are big problems with strict butch identities — or anyone who has ever wanted to glitter decoupage/call out/destroy/etc. the infamous “Cult of Masculinity.”

This project will offer some serious theatrical catharsis, and aims to add to the ongoing dialogue in various queer communities that problematizes the worship of narrow conceptions of masculinity, read:  masculinities that center whiteness, able-bodiedness, skinniness, macho-ness — in other words, masculinities that don’t actually reflect insurrectionary queer communities that value all bodies, not just those that are valued by conventional beauty/gender standards.  

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