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Smartphone Movie? You bet!

Friday, December 9th, 2011 by

Cameras have become, over the years, smaller and more powerful as the need for mobility converged on both affordability and functionality. That being said, while we use smartphones for so many things even we have to agree that making a film on one is absolutely amazing!

Chris Kelly and Bill O’Keeffe play executive producers to the film Olive, shot completely on a Nokia smartphone. From the film page:

Olive is the very first full length feature film shot 100% on a cell phone. A 35 mm lens adapter was fabricated to fit the smart phone in order to achieve a shallow depth of field.

The film simply put is about a little girl that transforms the lives of three people without speaking one word.

The movie stars two time Academy Award nominated actress Gena Rowlands (The Notebook, A Woman Under the Influence). The sound design was done by Skywalker Sound.

The film is slated to screen at Laemmle next week, and hopes to make enough money to continue screenings across the country. Visit the film page for more information on this groundbreaking film which will surely change our already extensively vast idea of what our everyday technology is capable of.

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