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South Arts Wants YOU!

Monday, December 12th, 2011 by

“Southern Circuit is a unique program that brings some of best independent filmmakers and their films from around the country and the world to communities in the South. Over the years, audiences have seen more than 200 films and have engaged filmmakers in post-screening discussions in more than 50 communities across the Southern United States.

Southern Circuit is the nation’s first regional tour of independent filmmakers, providing communities with an interactive way of experiencing independent film. The tour takes the audience away from their televisions, DVD players, and computers to connect them with independent filmmakers and encourage them to talk with one another about the films and their meanings. Southern Circuit transforms watching independent films from a solitary experience into a communal one.”

South Arts has opened its submissions on Without A Box and will be taking entries until February 15th. If you’re a filmmaker don’t miss a chance to partner with this great program and broaden the audience of your film. Many films will enter and few will be selected, follow this link to South Arts for more information.

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Unlimited Indie Films - 1 Month FREE Trial