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Festival Genius: AFF Programmers Weigh in on 2012 Films!

Thursday, August 30th, 2012 by

The programmers for the Atlantic Film Festival are all business, especially when it comes to films. That being said, they also know how to have a little fun and help you in the process! Below you’ll find a little insight into the minds of the AFF programmers and their picks for which films you should definitely see at this year’s AFF!

Lia’s Picks

And the year was 1725, no wait that’s how many movies we watched…

Ron’s Picks

Ron is the Film Curator at the Dalhousie Art Gallery and has programmed for the Atlantic Film Festival since 1986. That’s 26 years people!

Erin’s Picks

Erin enjoys spending her summer watching movies in a dark room, she hopes that you enjoy the results.

Andrew’s Picks

Some say don’t f*#@ with the babysitter, Andrew says don’t f*#@ with the programmers.

Jenna’s Picks

A product of 1990s romantic comedies and guilty pleasures, Jenna met John Stamos on a plane once and he told her she was pretty.

Mark’s Picks

Mark likes his movies like he likes his pizza: all the time.

Programmer’s Picks By Day

Friday, September 14th

Sleepwalk with Me* Featured Programmer Pick
Park Lane Theatre 8 7:00PM – Mark’s Pick
Park Lane Theatre 7 7:05PM – Lia’s Pick
Bear (part of Shorts 1)
Park Lane Theatre 3 7:15PM – Jenna’s Pick
A Pretty Funny Story (part of Shorts 1)             
Park Lane Theatre 3 7:15PM – Mark’s Pick
Keep the Lights On* Featured Programmer Pick
Park Lane Theatre 4 7:20PM – Andrew’s Pick
Joshua Tree 1951: A portrait of James Dean
Park Lane Theatre 7 9:25PM – Andrew’s Pick
Lowlife* Featured Programmer Pick
Park Lane Theatre 4 9:30PM – Ron’s Pick
Park Lane Theatre 7 11:59PM – Andrew’s Pick

Saturday, September 15th

​Beauty is Embarassing
Park Lane Theatre 3 12:00PM - Mark’s Pick

​Town of Runners
Park Lane Theatre 4 12:05PM - Lia’s Pick

​Mars et Avril
Park Lane Theatre 7 7:05PM - Andrew’s Pick

​The Ambassador
Park Lane Theatre 7 9:25PM - Lia’s Pick

Park Lane Theatre 3 9:35PM - Erin’s Pick

Park Lane Theatre 3 11:59PM - Jenna’s Pick

Sunday, September 16th

The End of Time
Park Lane Theatre 3 2:00PM - Ron’s Pick

​The Nature of Frédéric Back
Park Lane Theatre 3 4:00PM – Ron’s Pick

​How to Survive a Plague* Featured Programmer Pick
Park Lane Theatre 4 4:05PM - Erin’s Pick

​Jack and Diane
Park Lane Theatre 7 7:05PM - Jenna’s Pick

Monday, September 17th

Charles Bradley: Soul of America* Featured Programmer Pick
Park Lane Theatre 4 7:10PM – Lia’s Pick

​Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke (part of Shorts 3)
Park Lane Theatre 3 7:15PM – Mark’s Pick

​Aaron Burr, Part 2 (part of Shorts 3)
Park Lane Theatre 3 7:15PM - Jenna’s Pick

Tuesday, September 18th

The Offering (part of CBC Atlantic Shorts Gala)
Park Lane Theatre 8 7:00PM – Erin’s Pick

​Gravity and Grace
Park Lane Theatre 7 9:25PM – Erin’s Pick

Smashed* Featured Programmer Pick
Park Lane Theatre 3 9:35PM – Jenna’s Pick

Wednesday, September 19th

Jobriath A.D
Park Lane Theatre 7 9:25PM – Ron’s Pick

Thursday, September 20th

Ernest & Celestine
Park Lane Theatre 3 10:AM – Andrew’s Pick

​A Royal Affair* Closing Night Gala Pick
Park Lane Theatre 8 6:30PM – Erin’s Pick

Park Lane Theatre 7 7:05PM – Lia’s Pick

​It’s Such a Beautiful Day (part of Shorts 6)
Park Lane Theatre 7 9:25PM – Mark’s Pick

West of Memphis
Park Lane Theatre 3 9:35PM – Erin’s Pick

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