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Homegrown Indie: Beast of the East

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 by

In the world that is our indieverse there is always room to stop and appreciate when home grown film initiatives press on into the future. New York City is overwrought with production companies using its space as a basis to make their films relatable, but seldom do you see other portions of the city utilized to their fullest potential.

Beast Of The East Productions, a company based in one of those underutilized sections of New York, recently filmed in a great locale that is quite close to home for them and certainly an example of what ELSE New York has to offer.

Here is a video interview with the company on set of their upcoming film Love and Small Print in Dix Hills, NY. With actors, executives and crew all homegrown its sure to be something that we can all relate to – barred from the hassles of Manhattan.

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