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The Evening Gown Law

Friday, October 21st, 2011 by

Naomi Wolf, author of The Beauty Myth and subject of the wildly well-received documentary The End of America, was arrested on permit violation charges while aiding an Occupy Wall Street (OWS) group.

The Guardian documents Wolf’s feelings and summations on what exactly her arrest meant to her message that our society has been closing exponentially for years. She concludes that our government would have its citizens believe that it is only vested in silencing “the terrorist” when legislation has clearly led to the ‘lawful’ arrest of a peaceful protester in an evening gown.

It’s obvious to imagine how Wolf’s arrest will resonate with those whom already comprehend the degradation of free speech in our society; what reliably fascinates is the staunch criticisms that generate from those who fight against their own humane morals to support the politics driving our closing society.

The facts are simple: Naomi Wolf, who violated no law, should not have been arrested. Scouring news sources, it seems that the only law Wolf may have broken is disobeying a law enforcement officer (albeit a law enforcement officer not enforcing a real law). The reality is that Wolf did her due diligence to aid OWS protesters and was quickly punished for informed decision making molded into false ideas of arrogance by policemen.

This subject hits home in that protest is a significant topic of many independent films. We enjoy distributing indies which challenge the norm and call for justice in the name of human kind, and hope to see events such as Naomi Wolf’s arrest finally put to rest. In films such as Tapped and The Least of These we see the growing trend of the little people becoming littler and littler until the day the Earth becomes a barren wasteland full of garbage and money.

Naomi Wolf and activists everywhere represent the small but significant vein of hope that remains for both our society and our planet. We hope that more companies and corporations will join in the fight to lift these persons’ ideals higher until they can no longer be ignored.

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