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Sarasota Film Festival opens for Entry!

Monday, September 24th, 2012 by

Straight from the horse’s mouth, this horse being a internationally acclaimed and star-studded film festival featuring the best of the industry in one of the most scenic areas in all of the beautiful state of Florida, here is the exciting announcement that Sarasota Film Festival is open for entry:

We’ve been widely hailed as a gem on the regional film festival circuit, and we welcome you to find out why. Our 10 days of film screenings and events attract locals, international filmmakers, and industry guests to the number one beach in the world, right here in Sarasota.

The SFF emphasizes the best in new cinema alongside exciting repertory work and with almost 50,000 attendees each year, we rank among the largest festivals in the southeastern United States. Our industry attendance is also impressive — recent guests include reps from IFC, Sony Pictures Classics, First Run Features, Fortissimo Films, Cinetic and Participant Media. What’s more, SFF selections are heavily promoted by attending media outlets, which in the past have included USA Today, GQ Magazine, Vanity Fair, Variety, IndieWIRE, Filmmaker Magazine, The Huffington Post and Screen International.

Our city takes pride in its renowned hospitality and works hard to ensure that filmmakers have a great and productive time at the Festival. Networking is made easy by our intimate and relaxed atmosphere, allowing you to create lasting connections with industry pros and find the support of educated and enthusiastic audiences. In-competition filmmakers also receive travel and accommodations to attend SFF and every exhibiting filmmaker receives an all-access pass to screenings and events.

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