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“Head Games” to release Sept. 21

Thursday, September 20th, 2012 by

Head Games is no game. The balancing act between entertainment and personal health teeters on the edge for so many gifted athletes in the developed world it’s difficult for any one person to draw the line when it comes to the serious subject of head injury. Medical experts and loved ones of athletes would agree that the pay off isn’t worth the risk of losing yourself, maybe permanently, for the sake of a good show. On the other hand, athletes and coaches/team owners may feel that preventative tactics are enough and, if watched carefully, one can put themselves in harms way for the sake of celebrity clout and economy comfort.

Inspired by events from the book Head Games written by former Ivy League football star and WWE wrestler Christopher Nowinski, and featuring interviews with Nowinski, Bob Costas (NBC Sports), Keith Primeau (NHL All-Star), Cindy Parlow Cone (Olympic Gold Medalist, Women’s Soccer), and many more, Head Games exposes viewers to one of the leading public health issues of our time, raising the question: “How much of you are you willing to lose for a game?”

Such a significant film in purpose, Head Games will hit several major cities tomorrow (September 21, 2012). Be sure to catch this doc and help spread the word about concussion awareness the world over.

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