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Sexting in Suburbia: This Weekend!

Friday, January 13th, 2012 by

Talent abounds in Worcester, MA where the intense drama Sexting in Suburbia was shot and almost completely cast.

The film, directed by John Stimpson and debuting on Lifetime Network this weekend, has the community budding with the new found discovery of talent right in the backyard of this great locale. Liz Vassey (from CSI) stars as mother to a daughter who commits suicide, and thus unfolds a conspiracy that goes deeper than anyone could imagine. Here is a short synopsis from Lifetime:

Suburban mom Rachel feels pretty lucky; while other moms talk about their fights with their moody daughters, Rachel and Dina have a close relationship. Dina tells her everything… or so Rachel thinks. When Dina suddenly commits suicide, Rachel is devastated and confused. Her search for answers as to what happened in her daughter’s final days leads her to some painful discoveries about the secrets that Dina was trying to keep and the bullying that was tearing her apart. Rachel’s quest helps her understand the pain her daughter was forced to endure when a naked picture intended for her boyfriend goes viral. But when Rachel starts receiving anonymous threats during her investigation, she realizes that there may be more going on than meets the eye.

Everyone involved is thrilled that the film was wholly sourced out of Worcester. “I’m very excited,” said Sarah Cote who plays a character named Sarah in the film. Cote is a recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and feels that this film may validate the use of Worcester as a film hub full of talent.

The film has been receiving a great deal of attention given the ongoing and very current trend of advocacy for stricter policing of bullying in schools. Though the problem has existed for years, activism seems to be in full swing given the transparency that bullying has achieved through cyber relations between students, faculty, and staff.

Here is a sneak peak at the film via a trailer on vimeo:

Sexting in Suburbia Trailer 2012 from dragonflipper on Vimeo.

Again, the film airs this weekend on Lifetime Network (though, unfortunately, coincides with the New England Patriots v. Denver Broncos NFL Playoff Game) so don’t miss this thriller which is sure to showcase talent that deserves recognition!

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