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Fight For Change: Zenne Dancer

Friday, January 13th, 2012 by

The LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual Transgender) movement has faced difficult challenges wherever it springs up, the ideals of persons in their personal lives overlapping into how they sway legislature. With the varying level of tolerance across the world a full gambit it is hard to consider where it is the worst or the best for the LGBT community.

In Turkey, though, and for men specifically, the burden of being homosexual is one that comes with a stiff price if your quest is to live your life outside of the military. In the film Zenne Dancer (2012), most recently featured on CNN and releasing today in Turkey, this struggle is examined in the name of a friend – a gay male and friend to the directors Caner Alper and Mehmet Binay who was murdered by his own father for his homosexuality.

The directing duo explain in their interview with CNN that their friend may have known his life was in danger but continued to live his life though pressured into returning home to be “cured” of his so-called “illness.” The darkness that dwells in the deepest pits of the hearts of persons capable of a vicious injustice such as that calls out to the need for films like this to reach as many audiences as possible and, once again in what seems to be a devastatingly redundant cycle, prove that the differences of homosexuals doesn’t warrant the actions against them. Prejudice, of any type, is nothing more than a virus that feeds off of the will of weak individuals and Zenne Dancer sets out to bring these weak individuals into public view so that they may be corrected.

Check out the trailer for this film, and stay tuned for updates on screenings in the United States and internationally.

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