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“Shut Up and Play The Hits”: One Day Only!

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 by

A year after LCD Soundsystem’s final performance at Madison Square Garden, filmmakers Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace’s chronicling of the events surrounding the amicable conclusion of possibly the most beloved dance-punk band in the world is finally arriving in theatres–for a VERY limited one-day engagement on July 18.

The solitary release date for the film, Shut up and Play the Hits, seems to be reinforcing the same idea that defined their 10 year long career: less is more. With only three albums to their name, the band was known for keeping music enjoyable not just for their listeners but for the band members themselves. The film, which follows frontman James Murphy throughout the preparation, performance, and aftermath of the “end” showcases their genuine desire to preserve quality over quantity.

Lovelace and Southern take viewers beyond the concert and showcase the contrast between the performance and the relaxed morning after. This highlights the camaraderie shared between the band members and reminds the viewers that they’re not just musicians, but people with lives that go beyond the stage. This part concert film, part documentary, part intimate narrative portrait of the band members’ lives does exactly what the original one-day only final performance did to the sniffling MSG audience that April evening: leaves you wanting more.

But, if there is anything to be gained from this bittersweet film other than being able to relive the epic three hour long musical journey it is the understanding that celebrating the end is much better than mourning it. Just as the film trailer suggests: “If it’s a funeral…let’s have the best funeral ever.”

Distributer Oscilloscope Laboratories and the Creators Project are running a contest to fly one LCD fan and their guest to NYC for a screening along with a meet and greet with James Murphy.

For more information on the contest and screening locations, check out Oscilloscope Labs and The Creators Project.

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