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Outcry For Iranian Cinema

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 by

Iran has, over the greater part of three to four months, become the seismic epicenter of social, intellectual, and artistic conflict that focuses the collective world eye on what will happen next. The conflict over nuclear arms is but the vicious giant, overshadowing the hardships the people face within the country – particularly in the art community.

We at IndiePix have acquired films from all over the world that showcase the need for transparency in artistic expression, for the differences in cultures remains the only catalyst that allows for true and withstanding understanding. Some time ago, in fact, we faced long odds with the filmmaker, actors, and crew of the film Dog Sweat which delved into the lives of the Iranian youth as they struggle to be free in expression. In its release we still remained cautious and tentative: fearing for the safety of all those who risked life and limb to be heard.

Even now the plight of Iranian cinema has not yet come to a peaceful conclusion. Over the past half year the Iranian government has punished many filmmakers and eliminated their nesting eggs (The House of Cinema, to name one) in what appears to be a brandished blade against change in artistic acceptance. Take a moment to watch this short piece, distributed by The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, that gives a clear picture of where Iranians are and where their hearts desire that they would rather be.

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran is a great resource in helping end the tumultuous nature of Iranian law over its citizens. Visit their webpage to learn more about the movement toward equality and understanding for all.

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