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Kickstarter: Lib-Ray: Non-DR Open Standards HD Video Format

Friday, May 11th, 2012 by

Problems breed solutions, and development of technology tends to reap the full benefits of this.

A year ago independent filmmaker Terry Hancock was presented with a problem: how can you produce a free culture film with the full benefits of DVD or Blu-Ray without the hassle? From this, the initiative that has been dubbed Lib-Ray was formed: namely an open standard with all the benefits of DVD and Blu-Ray utilizing existing systems combined with newly written glue-code.

Without getting into too much detail it suffices to say that getting high quality out of the current standard is not IMPOSSIBLE but simply mind as well be given its hassle and difficulty.  But, Hancock is not reinventing the wheel (but more round) but rather making the wheel more slick and more appealing to people looking for wheels (to continue the metaphor).

Hancock has gone to Kickstarter in an effort to gain $19,000 which will both allow him the extensive amount of time it will take to create Lib-Ray as well as provide for backers of the initiative and costs of supplies such as CPUs/Motherboards and blank SDHC media.

Check out his Kickstarter pitch:

Hancock has 22 days left to raise a little under $10,000 to reach his goal. Visit the Kickstarter page and donate now to support ease and accessibility in high quality independent filmmaking!

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